Ayo! Assists Armenians in Need

A Florida-based real estate management professional, Marta Batmasian dedicates much of her free time to supporting various charitable and nonprofit organizations in her community of Boca Raton. In addition to her local work, Marta Batmasian serves on the board of directors for the Fund for Armenian Relief (FAR) and is the founder of the organization’s Ayo! program.

Ayo! is a FAR initiative that provides funding for a range of projects designed to assist under-served Armenian populations. Since it was launched, Ayo! has provided financial assistance to a number of Armenian institutions, including soup kitchens and schools for students with special needs.

Currently, Ayo! is in the process of raising funds to build protective walls around a vulnerable school, equip Armenian hospitals and ambulances with defibrillators, and create a Syrian-Armenian business network, among other things. For more detailed information about Ayo! or to find out how to submit new project ideas, visit the organization’s website at http://www.weareayo.org.