Adopting an Animal from Boca Raton’s Tri-County Animal Rescue

Marta Batmasian is a real estate executive based in Boca Raton, Florida. She has been involved in the real estate industry with her husband, James, for several decades. She has also worked in education. Marta Batmasian is a philanthropist as well and is heavily involved in her community through participation in numerous organizations, including serving on the board of directors with Boca Raton’s Tri-County Animal Rescue. The organization takes in rescued animals and provides adoption services. While innumerable animals need adopting, there is a specific process involved and several requirements.

Those interested in an adoption must be able to prove they are at least 21 years old and must be the person who will be the pet’s owner—no gift adoptions are allowed. Children younger than 10 must be present during the adoption process to meet the animal and ensure safety and compatibility. Documentation from a landlord indicating permission to have a pet is required as well for residents of rental units. Furthermore, a questionnaire must be answered before completing the adoption.

Tri-County Animal Rescue encourages people to take their time and carefully plan an adoption, rather than rushing into it. Counselors are on hand to assist people with selecting the right animal for them. Adopting an animal from the shelter can save the animal’s life. For more information, visit